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This collection will help sponsor less privileged girls in Nigeria to receivefashion training and earn a livelihood. We have created Abbynkas Program an NGO dedicated to tackle & raise awareness to social issues faced by girls in Nigeria such as Body mutilation, Female Genital Mutilation, Child & Sex Trafficking, Child Marriage, Child Labour & Many More.

Our Exotic Getaway Collection was made in limited quantities. We are 100% vegan & now sustainable; we do not use any animal materials in production. We recycle patterns which reduces our waste by up to 80% Which also means every dress pattern placement viagra is Unique & Exclusive.

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  • Abbynkas Program: Meet 19 Year Old Esther

    We’re bringing you behind the scenes to our Nigerian Studios where all the magic happens! ✨Meet 19-year-old Esther from Enugu State, Nigeria, Esther is one our makers in our Nigerian studios. By Supporting and creating awareness of ABBYNKAS MISSION in Nigeria; helping the a girl like Esther & most talented fashion creative get training and livelihood in the fashion industry. Follow @abbynkas_program on Instagram to keep up with our journey🤎#madeinnigeria #ankarafashion 


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