All products are hand made with care in Nigeria, West Africa.

This collection will help sponsor less privileged girls in Nigeria to receivefashion training and earn a livelihood. We have created Abbynkas Program an NGO dedicated to tackle & raise awareness to social issues faced by girls in Nigeria such as Body mutilation, Female Genital Mutilation, Child & Sex Trafficking, Child Marriage, Child Labour & Many More.

Our Exotic Getaway Collection was made in limited quantities. We are 100% vegan & now sustainable; we do not use any animal materials in production. We recycle patterns which reduces our waste by up to 80% Which also means every dress pattern placement is Unique & Exclusive.

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    ust like the name our Bestseller Royaltè will have you feeling & look luxurious. Perfect for evening occasions. Please wear with caution; 9 and 10 women who wore Royaltè experienced serious signs of prednisone glamorousness.

  • Abbynkas Program: Meet 19 Year Old Esther

    We’re bringing you behind the scenes to our Nigerian Studios where all the magic happens! ✨Meet 19-year-old Esther from Enugu State, Nigeria, Esther is one our makers in our Nigerian studios. By Supporting and creating awareness of ABBYNKAS MISSION in Nigeria; helping the a girl like Esther & most talented fashion creative get training and livelihood in the fashion industry. Follow @abbynkas_program on Instagram to keep up with our journey🤎#madeinnigeria #ankarafashion 


    Our African Queen 🇳🇬 @yemialade Killed It At The @yamcarnival 🤩😍🙌🏾
    We had the pleasure of designing All Members Yemi Alade’s Set.
    Amazing Female Dancers In Our Afiá Set
    Amazing Male Dancers In Our Royal Men’s Set.
    Talented Vocalist (Woman) In Our Royaltè Dress

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